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The Secret Links Section
Blair and the Giant Puffball


I originally posted this on alt.nature.mushrooms. It's a true story. And I'll regret not doing it for a lont time to come!

From: Colin Davidson
Subject: Tony Blair and the Giant Puffball
Newsgroups: alt.nature.mushrooms
Date: 2000-09-11 04:59:35 PST

Had a good haul of giant puffballs and parasol mushrooms in Nottingham this

Going back down to Cambridge on the train, changing at Leicester, I was
delayed by an hour. Just as my train was meant to be coming in (very late)
another train comes in to the platform. Out from the train comes a man with
a camera, and next comes Tony Blair, our Prime Minister.

Now, I was carrying a big wadge of puffball, to bring into the lab to try to
culture (ANY ADVICE ANYONE?). It was just beginning to go soft.

And there, in front of me, not five feet away, was Tony Blair.

I didn't, but you can see why I thought about it.