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The Happy Sceptic

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One of the most entertaining sceptic sites on the web.

Skeptics Dictionary

A tremendous source of information on junk science and the like

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James Randhi Foundation

An excellent site, devoted to to James Randis search for good, honest, solid truth. His 1 million dollar challenge to those claiming paranormal powers is hilighted here...

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Fossil Hominids

Ever been in a circular argument with someone unconvinced about human evolution? Here's a brilliant website, with a good, strong summary of the topic. Has a special slant on how to argue with creationists...

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Astronomical Pseudo-Science

One of the best sites de-bunking common myths to do with astronomy, astrology, etc.

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And here...

Biblical Skepticism

The Skeptics Annotated Bible is a top source for inconsistencies in the bible.
Joseph Alwards site is a goog collection of articles written by a guy who has evidently spent a long time mulling over religious texts.

Skeptics Bible Here!

Joseph Francis Alward's Site

How To Spot a Physics Crackpot

As featured in 'Skeptic' magazine, John Baez's hilarious 'Crackpot Index' for physicists.