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The Duchy of Maganshire
Magic Circles


Magic Circles
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The Magic of Cats

Well known to the Rakasta mages of Myoshima, and known to a few Alphatian mages, this school is otherwise quite rare.   Ailuromancy is the art of controlling, utilising and, ultimately, becoming powerful felines.


Protection from Cats (first circle)

The caster can protect himself from one or more cats. This ability is automatically successful against up to twice the casters level in HD of cats.   The cats will be aware of what is happening, and most likely be extremely pissed off.   They will probably not be cooperative but they can make no offensive action against the Ailuromancer (although they are not prevented from attacking others who accompany the caster).


The effect lasts until dispelled, the cats are more than 50 away, or the caster takes any offensive action against the cats.


On a roll of 01, the cats will attack the caster, remorselessly, until either they or the caster are dead.


Catsense (second circle)

The caster can take on all of the senses of a big cat.   That means he can see in near darkness, can attack purely by scent, can hear very quiet sounds, and will most likely become very picky about foods.  The caster will be nearly faultless at tracking (90% success) , can only be surprised on a 1 on 1d6, and can hear noise (as per the thief skill) with a 90% chance of success.   Lasts for 1 turn per 2 casters levels.


Cat Claws (second circle)

This power allows the caster to sprout sharp claws for use in combat. Claws can be grown on one or both hands, as the caster wishes, and are good for 1d8 damage each.

This effect lasts for one round per casters level.


Cat Feet (second circle)

The caster gains the agility of a cat. This doesnt grant any offensive dexterity bonus, but it deos allow the caster to balance on ledges, tree branches, etc., and provides a 3 bonus to armour class.   Duration 1 rnd/lvl.


Cat Call (second circle)

By emitting a sickening caterwall the ailuromancer can summon can summon any and all cats within 800 yards.   The cats will understand and obey simple commands, but their morale stays as normal.   The maximum hit dice of cats that can be controlled is equal to the casters level. Duration 1 turn/2 levels.


A roll of 01 will cause said cats to attack the caster, as described for protection from cats.

Cat Plague (third circle)

The caster can create up to his level in HD o any cats he chooses.   The cats are utterly loyal, and will remain for 1 turn per level of the caster.


Army of Cats (fourth circle)

The ailuromancer can split his life force between a number of cats.   Upon use, the caster disappears, and a number of cats making up the casters level in their HD appears.  The life force of the caster controls each one, hence the caster acts directly through all of them.   They must all remain within 150 area, and as long as one of them survives then the caster cannot be slain. Duration is 1 turn per level.


High Master of Ailuromancy (fifth circle)

The high master of cats can, in a process requiring 1d4 rounds to complete, become the ultimate cat.   This lasts up to 1 hour per level of the caster, and the caster can change back and forth during that period at will (to allow the caster to use spells, items, etc).


If the high ailuromancer is below 24th level, the form is that of a lesser sky wyrm, if above it is that of a greater sky wyrm.

More to come...