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DIY Holography
Useful Links and Contacts
How to Make a Holographic Plate
Ye Olde Red Sensitive DCG (1989 work)
Laser Pointer Holography

Hmmm... Holography.
Drawn with genuine silver nanoparticles!

Welcome to our page on how to make holograms. Under the constant guidance of my colleage Jeff Blyth, I've been lucky enough to learn a thing or two about how to make holograms. This site is devoted to sharing some of that information, in the hope that our simplified version of holography might complement some of the more in depth online descriptions of how to make holograms.

On the right is a picture of Jeff himself! Although we have an entier plethora of photographic equipment at our disposal, Jeff thought it would be simpler to just use a flatbed scanner.
There aren't any pictures of me on this site, but if you're interested please feel free to browse some of my other sites, such as my wild food page or my photo page.

What's New?

July 2003: Added NEW section on Laser Pointer Holography