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Interesting Links

Other places yo really must go to

Rogers Mushrooms

For years, the definitive guide to mushrooms (edible and otherwise) in the UK, now available online!


An increasingly useful resource on wild foods, with a lively discussion forum on the subject, and much more.

Foraging With the "Wildman"

Another North American site, where you can learn about edible and medicinal wild vegetables, herbs, greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms with NYC's favorite naturalist, "Wildman" Steve Brill.
A great site to read through, entertaining and informative.

Wild Food Adventures

Another fine site where you can learn about wild food in the U.S., find out about courses in wild food, and see some handy reviews of books on wild food and other subjects.

The Forager Home Page

An interesting site devoted to wild food in America. Not a huge amount there yet, but it's well laid out and well worth a visit.

Tom Volk's Fungi

One of the best fungus websites online, with a cracking collection of images and links. Especially interesting is his Fungus of the Month section.

A cracking set of links and lots of information for those interested in wild mushrooms.

A really interesting project to produce a database to help you identify any wild fungi you may find. Not complete yet, but a great idea well worth having a look at.

British Mycological Society

The top organisation for the promotion of fungus related research in the U.K.


"To further educate people about fungi, edible and otherwise, To encourage sustainable and responsible mushroom harvest, and preserve mushroom habitat."

Bobcat Saunders "Going Wilder in the Kitchen"

Bobcat Saunders teaches people about wild foods in the North Eastern U.S.
His website has got some really interesting recipes and some good pictures, well worth a visit.