Useful Links and Contacts
DIY Holography
Useful Links and Contacts
How to Make a Holographic Plate
Ye Olde Red Sensitive DCG (1989 work)
Laser Pointer Holography

Where to get stuff, and how to use it

Web Sites

Probably the best holography site online. All of the information you need to get started, and to keep you going.
Another good site for the budding holographer

Holography Forum

Colin Kaminski maintains this site. It's probably the most useful discussion forum on the subject online. Highly reccomended.

Visit the new Holography Forum:


Stockist of Holographic Recording Material:-

Ms. Amanda Ranalli

38, Arlington Road
Southgate, London, N14 5AS
Phone: 0181-368 6425
Fax: 0181-361 8761
email: hmd@eivd.globalnet.co.uk